Community links for isolated people in Thunder Bay

The “Community Links for Isolated People in Thunder Bay” project is an initiative of the Coopérative Centre francophone de Thunder Bay (CCFTB Inc), implemented through a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation..

Francophones in the Northwest, already linguistically and culturally isolated, are particularly at risk of social isolation. Thus, the objective of the project is to reduce social, linguistic and cultural isolation by creating and strengthening community ties among the region’s Francophones. With Centre francophone, the Thunder Bay community has an essential tool for the realization of this project.

Several studies have shown that coming out of isolation is beneficial for the mental and physical health of those affected, for those around them, and for the entire community. Grâce au financement de la FTO pendant trois, la Coopérative CFTB Inc. soutiendra les activités de ses sept groupes membres et d’autres acteurs communautaires afin de permettre leur pérennité et leur croissance, et ainsi de servir mieux et plus longtemps les francophones les plus isolés de la région.

There are a number of ways to benefit from the Community Linkages for Isolated Persons Project in Thunder Bay. For example, you can:

  • Joining recreational groups
  • Share your own ideas for activities to help us best meet your interests
  • Participate in outreach workshops and social inclusion programs with community stakeholders
  • Use our new transportation service to improve accessibility to services and activities
  • Share your experience so that we can adapt our services to your needs
  • Offer your time during the many volunteer opportunities that the project will provide over the next three years

Organizations, institutions, agencies, and individuals are invited to submit proposals for activities and partnerships that they would like to grow in our community. The CFTB Cooperative Inc. can provide financial, logistical, or other support to your programs as needed. For partnership information, please call (807) 684-1965 ext. 100 or email