Coop Services

The francophone Center of Thunder Bay is a cooperative with several partners managing the building located at 234 rue Van Norman, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4B8.

Several organizations are grouped within this cooperative providing the following services

The Association des francophones du Nord-Ouest de l’Ontario (AFNOO) is a non-profit organization that works to develop and make accessible more and more services in French in the region.

As a proud representative of the Francophonie, AFNOO is the first point of contact with the community. It works with more than 20 member organizations to facilitate the integration of Francophones and encourage their social, professional and economic participation.

Find here all the job offers in French, bilingual or for which French is an asset in the Northwestern Ontario region. This section is updated regularly.

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Serving Francophones in Northwestern Ontario

At l’Accueil francophone, we provide assistance to Francophones who need help navigating the health care system. We provide interpretation services, free of charge, between French-speaking clients and their health care professionals.


Our main focus is to offer interpretation services between French-speaking clients and health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, etc. We provide quality interpretation services in a confidential and professional manner. Both clients and health care professionals can access our services free of charge. 


Novocentre is committed to meeting the training and employment needs of the francophone community. The center provides support to individuals who wish to improve the skills necessary to their personal development, furthering their education and achieving their employment goals.

To fulfill these objectives, Novocentre offers free and individualized basic training to the Francophone community in reading, writing, mathematics and technology.

Due to the increased need for bilingualism, Novocentre also offers Preparation for the DELF/DALF exams and paid courses for French as a Second Language. 

Our training is often personalized, to give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace with a mentor’s guidance. We can offer you the flexibility of having training sessions in the day or evening. We can also give you opportunity to study via online training at home. Enrollments are ongoing. 




The Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario (Réseau) has two roles. It is a Francophone Health Network (federal) and a French Language Health Planning Entity (provincial). Although Networks and Entities differ in their fields of action, accountability and funding, they have a similar objective of creating unique opportunities for partnership and a synergistic effect for our communities.

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the diversity of French-speaking women fighting all forms of violence in northwestern Ontario. Together, let’s end violence



Support Services

We provide a variety of support services, such as making and confirming medical appointments, providing follow-up assistance, helping clients to fill out forms, making inquiries on behalf of clients, doing research, finding inexpensive temporary lodgings for out-of-town clients and assisting in any way possible to help French-speaking clients navigate the health care system.

Health Promotion

Francophone seniors are often the most vulnerable segment of the population. We provide services such as coordinating “Friendly visits” in hospitals, offering informational workshops and organizing activities related to improving seniors’ health and quality of life.


We provide guidance to clients as to who offers what services and where they can access French Language services.


We assist health care agencies and community organizations who need assistance in understanding issues related to Francophones